Shoes Quality Inspection Services in China

What does it mean shoes pre-shipment inspection?

There are inspection in stages:

◾During Production Check◾Initial Production Check◾Pre-Shipment Inspection◾Production Monitoring◾Random Product Sampling◾Final Random Inspection◾Container Loading Supervision◾Factory Audit and Social Audit Dongguan shoes in quality control services, Shoes third party inspection services in China, Dongguan shoes QC inspection service, Third party Dongguan shoes in QC inspection, Shoes quality check services, Third party Dongguan shoes in in-line inspection, Dongguan shoes inspection, Dongguan shoes in QC Check, Bangladesh shoes quality check, 

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Bluetooth Earphone Quality Pre-shipment Inspection Services

Why needs Quality Pre-shipment Inspection? That is an efficient tool to make sure the shipment quality before delivery.. Inspectors will check:
     * Measurements check
     * Product specs and your requirements check
     * Labels & markings, Logos check
     * Packaging and drop tests
     * Aesthetic, surface and function check
     * Quantity verifying
     * On-site function check and testing

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Jeans Quality inspection Services in China/India/Vietnam/Bangladesh

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As a major inspection company in China, Wecheck inspection have the following inspection services:

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fabric quality inspection services in China


Pre-shipment quality in-line inspection by

Quality inspection is to check the quality according to AQL, before shipment to see if there are not problem.

Wecheck CTS is a very professional company in the field to do the inspection for you with most expertise.

Their services include: inspection, factory audit, lab testing and:
Product inspections:      -  Product specs and customers' requirements      -  Measurements check      -  Quantity verifying      -  Packaging and drop tests      -  Labels & markings, Logos check      -  Aesthetic, surface and function check      -  On-site function check and testing
Our inspection services include:
    -  Initial Production Check
    -  During Production Check
    -  Pre-Shipment Inspection
    -  Final Random Inspection
    -  Container Loading Supervision
    -  Production Monitoring
    -  Random Product Sampling
    -  Factory Audit and Social Audit
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